The Juggling Act: Working Parents Survey 2019

“After all, gender stereotypes are prisons for men too” – Stewart D. Friedman

The Juggling Act wants to understand more about women, men and the way they work and raise (or choose not to raise) families.

To this end we would love to hear your views in our 2019 Working Parents Survey. A new addition to this survey is a focus, not just on what women find challenging, but what might be blocking men as well. We ask the question: “What do you consider to be the biggest challenge for working men now?”

At The Juggling Act we are promoting a move away from a ‘zero sum game mentality’ and are instead teaching people how to negotiate towards a ‘win-win’ at work, in their communities and in their home lives.

The survey is completely anonymous and the only data questions relate to gender and location at a country level.

We are working towards a world where the employer and employee work together for mutual success and in acknowledgement of the needs of the (whole) person and those of the organisation itself.

Chris White and I will be sharing our own findings and the thematic results in our January talk for Women in eDiscovery as well as in our consulting with organisations.

The next Juggling Act Programme for Working Parents is registering now with 1:1 coaching sessions scheduled in the new year and the 2-day group leadership workshop on 2 & 3 April 2020.