Who We Are

Our Facilitators & Coaches

Claire Fry
Founder of the Juggling Act, Executive Coach, Culture Consultant & Facilitator

With a background in Programme Management, Change & Transformation within the Financial Services Sector, Claire began working at the age of 18, joining the International Investment department at what is now BNP Paribas Real Estate in Paris, before attending Edinburgh University.

Always fascinated by the world of work, Claire shifted her focus from risk & compliance to culture & coaching in 2013, while working for Old Mutual in London. She wanted to understand what makes businesses tick, how human behaviour sets the stage for success (or disaster) in the workplace, and what truly inspires people to be at their best –  whether part of a large organisation or as entrepreneurs. In 2015, after 13 years working for large global organisations, she started her own coaching and leadership company, Pale Blue Coaching.

Claire’s ongoing research and focus areas include: responsible leadership (especially gender diversity & inclusion, gender pay gap), parents returning to work/shared parental leave, culture under pressure (M&A, organisational change), generational dynamics, and sustainability/stewardship for future generations.

She lives in South London where she runs her own ‘juggling act’, with huge support from her husband, in-house IT & emotional support, branding guru and all-round juggling partner, Rod and their young son.

Chris White
Partner at The Juggling Act, Effective Communications Coach, & Facilitator

After a long career as a hostage negotiator and having travelled all over the world, Chris has seen the best and worst of human behaviour. He believes passionately that the art of listening can improve leadership, decision making and ultimately make us more effective people, both in the workplace and in our lives. He thoroughly enjoys sharing the experience he has gained to help others reach their potential.

Chris has worked with, and trained: governments, private organisations and NGO’s, including NATO, the U.N. and other international agencies, in effective communication and negotiation.

He built his corporate experience as Head of Global Operational Security & Intelligence for FTSE 100 companies in the UK and overseas, as well as running internal leadership workshops on: deep listening, influencing and applying the crucial communication lessons of crisis negotiation in the workplace.